Rest In Paradise – Maurice White

Maurice White

In the last few months the music industry has experienced some great losses.  And the news yesterday certainly was no exception when we learned of the passing of Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. On last evening Zee MuZik Radio 929 paid special tribute to Maurice White as did many other radio stations.  It was only befitting for someone who paved the way for so many others that came behind him.

Maurice was known as the founder, singer, drummer, songwriter and producer of the iconic group.  Certainly, he could not do it alone but he was a great force behind the success of the group.  He composed such songs as “Shining Star and September.  During his career he won seven Grammy Awards and was nominated for a total of 21.  He was also inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The band had several gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums during their prime years.  Even though he stopped touring in the 90’s he still remained very active in songwriting, composing and producing for the band.

It would really take us to long to write about all his accomplishments during his career and the work he did with other artist in the music industry.  Please take time to read about his illustrious career through the links we are sharing with you here.  And for sure enjoy the full album “Last Days and Times” and the Photo Gallery.


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