Black History Month – Musical Moment

As we are about halfway through the month they have deemed Black History Month.  Zee MuZik Radio 929 Black History Musical Moment focuses on Soul Train.  Most of us sat in front of the television every Saturday morning excited to find out what musical artist would perform on the show as well as to learn the latest dance moves.

Time really does fly by us so quick that most don’t realize Soul Train had a 35-year history on air from 1971 to 2006.  We depended on the show to learn about new artist on the scene of music and to watch those legendary artist we all came to know and love.  R&B, soul and hip hop artists was the primary artist but from time to time we would see those artist performing funk, jazz, disco and gospel.

Some other elements of the show many of you will remember was the Soul Train Scramble Board.  Tell the truth now, you were shouting at the dancers the answer just like I was.  And what about the Soul Train line? Oh yes, thru the years we’ve all had our own soul train lines at family functions, house parties and other events.  Another of my favorites of the show was watching the artist interviews.  Someway, somehow it made you feel like you really knew the artist.

It’s just hard to even write this post without mentioning the Legendary Don Cornelius the show’s host and producer.  Who passed away in 2012 at the age of 75.

And still going strong as a spinoff of the show is The Soul Train Music Awards which many people tune in to see the best of the best in the music industry.  What a great musical moment in Black History.

When you get a chance take a look back at the 1971 – 2006 themes of the show.


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