What you say? NWA Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction

I know right! What you say? Yes you heard it right.  NWA was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 8, 2016 at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York.  The induction ceremony was aired on HBO April 30th.  The others inducted were Chicago, Cheap Trick and Deep Purple. 

NWA  was introduced by Kendrick Lamar, who said, “the fact a famous group can look just like one of us and dress like one of us, talk like one of us, proved to every single kid in the ghetto that you can be successful and still have importance while doing it.”

Just recently, NWA’s story was told on the big screen with the blockbusting movie, “Straight Out of Compton.” The movie highlighted the group from its inception, through ups, downs and the death of Eric “Eazy E” Wright. NWA’s group included Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, and O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson along with Lorenzo “MC Ren” Patterson, Antoine “DJ Yella” Carraby, (Arabian Prince, original member).


Why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Good question!  Not everyone believe they should be inducted, most notably Gene Simmons of Kiss.  Gene Simmons believes the Hall of Fame should be reserved for those who play guitar and/or sing. Others took to social media with their comments.  But during the acceptance speech, Ice Cube addressed the question. 

He said, ‘The question is, ‘Are we rock ‘n’ roll? And I say — you (explicit) right we rock ‘n’ roll. Rock ‘n’ roll is not an instrument. It’s not even a style of music. It’s a spirit that’s been going on since the blues, jazz, bebop, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, heavy metal, punk rock, and yes, hip-hop. Rock ‘n’ roll is not conforming to the people who came before you, but creating your own path in music and life. That is rock ‘n’ roll and that is us.”

NWA now joins Public Enemy, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five who were previously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Prince Rogers Nelson

Please join Zee MuZik Radio tonight, April 25, 2016 at 7pm – 11pm as we pay tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson through his music.


On April 21, 2016, it seems as if time stopped.  And in all reality, it did for Prince Rogers Nelson, affectionately known around the world as Prince. His untimely death shocked the globe.  Social media blew up and television stations stopped regular programming to report of his passing.

Born on June 7, 1958, he was only 57 years old. He was a musical genius.  A creative artist with a style of his own.  From his musical abilities to his melodious vocals; from his high heel boots to his stylish wardrobe his legacy will live on forever. Prince’s artistry was so versatile it was hard to lump him into one genre.  Even though when asked, he said he felt his music was in the category of inspirational (Larry King 1999 interview).  His music spilled over into pop, rock, funk, punk, dance, psychedelic, folk and Lord knows what others. He did not conform to society and you could not contain him in a box.

Prince’s energy on stage was so electrifying. It was almost as if he lost himself in his music and he danced as if no one was watching.  He did not neglect his audience, you could see it in his mesmerizing eyes with his black eyeliner.  And he engaged his fans with his sometimes quirky smile.

Prince worked with the likes of Chaka Khan, Larry Graham, Tevin Campbell, Gwen Stefani among many others.  He named Stevie Wonder his role model, he says his inspiration came from God.  He won numerous awards for his music including, seven Grammy awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He had so many hits we cannot even name them all.  Not to mention the movie, “Purple Rain”.

We could go on and on about the man and his music but I feel there is no need for a long drawn out article. As we often hear, let the life I lived speak for me. And in as much as he was a private person, out of respect we shall honor that.

Read the obituary and sign the guestbook for Prince Rogers Nelson here.


MYH – Social Media Strategist for Zee MuZik Radio


Black History Month – Musical Moment

As we are about halfway through the month they have deemed Black History Month.  Zee MuZik Radio 929 Black History Musical Moment focuses on Soul Train.  Most of us sat in front of the television every Saturday morning excited to find out what musical artist would perform on the show as well as to learn the latest dance moves.

Time really does fly by us so quick that most don’t realize Soul Train had a 35-year history on air from 1971 to 2006.  We depended on the show to learn about new artist on the scene of music and to watch those legendary artist we all came to know and love.  R&B, soul and hip hop artists was the primary artist but from time to time we would see those artist performing funk, jazz, disco and gospel.

Some other elements of the show many of you will remember was the Soul Train Scramble Board.  Tell the truth now, you were shouting at the dancers the answer just like I was.  And what about the Soul Train line? Oh yes, thru the years we’ve all had our own soul train lines at family functions, house parties and other events.  Another of my favorites of the show was watching the artist interviews.  Someway, somehow it made you feel like you really knew the artist.

It’s just hard to even write this post without mentioning the Legendary Don Cornelius the show’s host and producer.  Who passed away in 2012 at the age of 75.

And still going strong as a spinoff of the show is The Soul Train Music Awards which many people tune in to see the best of the best in the music industry.  What a great musical moment in Black History.

When you get a chance take a look back at the 1971 – 2006 themes of the show.

Rest In Paradise – Maurice White

Maurice White

In the last few months the music industry has experienced some great losses.  And the news yesterday certainly was no exception when we learned of the passing of Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire. On last evening Zee MuZik Radio 929 paid special tribute to Maurice White as did many other radio stations.  It was only befitting for someone who paved the way for so many others that came behind him.

Maurice was known as the founder, singer, drummer, songwriter and producer of the iconic group.  Certainly, he could not do it alone but he was a great force behind the success of the group.  He composed such songs as “Shining Star and September.  During his career he won seven Grammy Awards and was nominated for a total of 21.  He was also inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The band had several gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums during their prime years.  Even though he stopped touring in the 90’s he still remained very active in songwriting, composing and producing for the band.

It would really take us to long to write about all his accomplishments during his career and the work he did with other artist in the music industry.  Please take time to read about his illustrious career through the links we are sharing with you here.  And for sure enjoy the full album “Last Days and Times” and the Photo Gallery.





Merry Christmas

Zee MuZik Radio 929 would like to wish all of our listeners a Blessed and Merry Christmas.  In all you do, remember the true meaning for this season.  We are truly blessed to see yet another holiday season.  Remember to spread love and not hate.  Take time to remember those who are less fortunate than yourself.  Not just financial but those who do not have the love of family and friends that you may have, say a special prayer for them.  Be safe and enjoy!


Wake Up to Zee MuZik Radio 929 on Tunein App

Did you know you can wake up to Zee MuZik Radio 929 on the Tunein App?  Yes, you can!! It’s a fantastic way to wake up and start your day with the Smoove Jazz Affair or Smoove Grooves depending upon the time you awake.  And on Sunday why not set the alarm for 6am to wake up to the Power of Praise! 

It’s easy to setup

On your device, go to the mobile app store

  1. Download the app
  2. Open and search for “Zee MuZik Radio 929”
  3. Select and add to your favorite

Wake Up to Zee MuZik Radio 929

  1. Select Zee MuZik Radio
  2. Go to Options
  3. Enable Alarm – check box
  4. Select Set Alarm
  5. Select Repeat alarm and select the days
  6. Select the Alarm time
  7. Select Alarm play time
  8. Save

It’s that simple and instead of the sound of an annoying alarm, you get to wake to your favorite Internet Radio station Zee MuZik Radio 929.     



Wilton Felder Passes Away

Famed Saxophonist for the Crusaders reportedly passed away on Sunday, September 27, 2014 according to post to Facebook by Ray Parker, Jr.  Felder attended Phyllis Wheatley High School in Houston’s Fifth Ward.  Wilton Felder, Joe Sample and Nesbert “Stix” Hooper formed the band while attending high school together.  The bands name was later changed to the Jazz Crusaders.

Felder most notably known for playing saxophone was also a bass player and worked for Motown Records.  Some of the bass recordings were with the Jackson 5 such as “I Want You Back” and “The Love You Save,” for Marvin Gaye and Grant Green.

A great musician who will be greatly missed.  Rest in Peace Wilton Felder.  Thanks for all the great music through out the years.